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Untitled-Artwork (3)_edited.jpg

Spoken Word LP--Still Running: Words and Music by Joel Peckham

Illustration developed for the cover of the spoken poetry album developed by Joel Peckham, through the publisher EAT POEMS. It was idealized with great freedom, originating itself from the sound, rhythm and analysis of each song present on the album, containing small references in the design, while keeping it fluid, colorful and graphic, following the client's briefing.
The art flowed with strong themes of nostalgia and memory, travel and poetry, an old familiar sense of introspection and inner calm. Another strong reference would be the psychedelic scene of the 60s and 70s, with garage rock, psychedelic pop, old-school R&B.
With all this in mind, the illustration was developed with the idea of ​​the body falling apart in the landscape, becoming part of it while simultaneously consuming it. The observer is also the route, the lines and part of the background.

Untitled-Artwork (3).jpg
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