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Bianca Rivetti Burattini is a Brazilian artist living in Rome, Italy. She holds a degree in Architecture from Mackenzie University in her native city São Paulo, which is a frequent source of inspiration in Bianca's  artistic inquiry into memory processes both in a narrative, personal context, and greater cultural structures.

The intersection of her backgrounds reveals an unmistakable style, tying in recontextualized mythos, the two great cities she has inhabited and inhabit her, and her keen architectural eye for composition and world building. 

She is currently pursuing a Masters in the Fine Arts at RUFA (Roman University of Fine Arts), where she has been able to develop a narratively consistent over whose focal point is documentation of emotion and  memory. Illustration plays a strong role in that with how it can make multiple audiences engage with the same subject and create different connections to it.

Bianca has a personal feline, Filho, who chose her over the neighbour, and a dog, Luna, who is afraid of hats. Enjoy this website and hopefully you can enjoy and connect to some of her universes. 

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